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لیست مجلات isi, دارو و سم

لیست مجلات isi, دارو و سم Title      Issn      SJR       SJR Best Quartile Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology            ISSN 15454304, 03621642           9.078    Q1 Pharmacological Reviews          ISSN 15210081, 00316997           8.97      Q1 Nature Reviews Drug Discovery            ISSN 14741776  8.875    Q1 Nano Today      ISSN 17480132  7.355    Q1 Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews          ISSN 0169409X  4.918    Q1 Trends in Pharmacological… Continue reading »

لیست مجلات isi , رشته حسابداری

لیست مجلات isi , رشته حسابداری Title Issn SJR SJR Quartile Journal of Finance ISSN 15406261, 00221082 21.48 Q1 Review of Financial Studies ISSN 08939454, 14657368 13.335 Q1 Journal of Financial Economics ISSN 0304405X 12.728 Q1 Journal of Accounting and Economics ISSN 01654101 5.652 Q1 Journal of Accounting Research ISSN 1475679X, 00218456 5.425 Q1 Accounting… Continue reading »